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Naval and Maritime History of Cuba


 A committed group of naval officers and professional sea lovers has spent many hours to rebuild the Naval and Maritime History of Cuba. Some of these officers were participants of this history that has been changed and obliterated by the current Government of Cuba which has been illegally in power for more than 50 years.

There are very interesting subjects in which the Government of Cuba has been involved in subversive and interventional activities in several Latin American and African Countries. The available information includes documents and photos and has been divided into segments covering several relevant historic periods.

If you would like to offer information or donate books, pictures, etc., about the Cuban Naval History to our Naval History Museum, please send us the information by e-mail or regular mail. This information will be in custody of the person in charge, depending on the historic segment involved.

If you would like to donate manuals, charts, instruments, etc., used in our profession please be informed that Capt. Ed Porro has volunteered to be  the custodian of these items and they will be available to the members of the Circulo Naval. If you would like more information please send us an e-mail at:

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    I.  From 1,492 to 1,897              II.  From 1,898 to 1,902          III.  From 1,903 to 1,940

  IV.  From 1,941 to 1,958             

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